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Posted by terry on Nov 7, 2005

I'm a brush adherent, from my boyhood days helping a sign-painter varnish vertical yacht transoms. I like to add 10-15% lacquer thinner to my varnish when I'm doing vertcal surfaces (more in higher heat/humidity, less when it's cooler/dryer). The thinner not only thins, but speeds drying of the very thin coats to minimize sagging and runs.

I also brush on the varish very quickly and thinly. On vertical surfaces, I then scrub the brush around the surface, sometimes even creating a bit of a lather in the varnish. This further stiffens the varnish and speeds drying even more. Then a quick tip off with the grain, then I get away from it until the next day.

Like Steve said, a light scraping of the few runs you may get, followed by your preferred nylon pad or wet sand, is all I do between coats.


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