John's Sharpie - progress

Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 4, 2005

Work on the sharpie continues, off and on, over the years. I have the skeg on, and the skids are tacked on with nails. I plan to permanently attach them with screws from inside. Some day.

The good news for yak builders: there IS life after

you are too old to paddle,

too senile to remember that you were doing an Eskimo roll, once you are halfway through it,

but still able to hoist a mains'l, take a break for your meds and your nap, and then hoist the mizzen. Or whatever it's called.

With luck, a photo is attached.

Otherwise, just close your eyes, and picture a work of patient craftsmanship like none you have ever seen--an okoume work of art that makes Maurer look like a bumbling apprentice on meth...Charlie Jones like a boatbuilding wannabe, and Mac like...well, like Mac, pretty much.

On second thought, DON'T look at the picture, even if by some www miracle I posted it correctly.



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