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Posted by george jung on Nov 3, 2005

One caveat - be careful, when putting the deck on without nails - that the deck is actually in contact with the bulkheads after 'taping' into position; there is a tendency to apply a lot of pressure with tape, or bungies, or straps, to fully close the gap between the shear and the deck; since you won't have trimmed the excess overhang, it will 'lever' the deck up in the middle, and you'll have a nice gap, requiring dookie to close. Don't ask how I know this.....

And let that epoxy cure for at least 48 hours, in a warm environment, before removing the straps. There is a fair amount of force needed to keep that glued attachment in place, and if you release too soon, the shear/deck will open up, giving yet another opportunity for dookie repair. Likewise, don't ask...

Finally, be careful using tape on that nice veneer; there is a tendency for some of the veneer to come off with the tape, when you remove it. Not the end of the world, but avoidable.

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