Re: To Robert Hancock

Posted by David Warren on Nov 3, 2005

Hi everyone. Robert, I'm guessing by the landscape in your photos that you are in Australia? I live in Canberra, but I'm not responsible for it, I swear.

I'm in the final stages of building a Sass 16 (epoxy all done, just fiddling with some details - like you, I'm going off-plan for the decks and inwales, but taking a somewhat different tack I think - and then ready to paint/varnish) - I've a month off in a couple of weeks and will be going at it like a roo-dog on a leg. Did I say that or just think it? Ahem.

Just to add to the fun, I made mine using only hand tools - a Japanese saw, old planes, spokeshaves even a hand-drill (for all six-hundred-ish holes!), lofted and cut it entirely from scratch, not a kit (apart from actually felling/milling the timber - hate splinters!).

If I can work out how to post pics, I will.

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