Re: LT deck radii?

Posted by GavinH on Nov 3, 2005

I built a CH16 from plans for my girlfriend, and took an inch off the sides. The front radius was 16". For the rear deck, I think I made it 45".

As for foot size, my size 12 feet have no problems fitting in. Sure it's a bit tighter than my cavenous CH17, but I don't feel cramped.

The 16' is actually my boat of choice for short paddles, but for camping, the CH17 is king, because of it's barge-like volume.

One thing to be aware of, with the cut-down CH16 or CH16LT, is the shape of drybags. We found that the standard shorter, rounder drybags would not fit under the rear deck, so we had to find longer skinny ones for this purpose.

Have fun


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