Re: installing rubrails

Posted by Howard on Nov 3, 2005


for rubrails, i would go ahead and finish the hull as if you were not going to do the rub-rails. in other words, finish your glass work per the normal hull instructions, then add the rails.

as for securing the rails, there are a couple different approaches depending on how permanent you want the installation to be...epoxy being the most permanent and some marine adhesives being a bit easier to remove. depending on the stiffness of the rub rail they can be held temporarily with tape or can be tacked down. my preference for tacking would be a small wood screw and not a nail. i am just not a great fan of one way ring nails unless you absolutely know you are going to get it right the first time and do it only once.

i would also pre-drill the whole for the nail/screw to ensure i did not split my rail.


In Response to: installing rubrails by Rod Hoskin on Nov 2, 2005



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