LT deck radii?

Posted by Lenny Flank on Nov 2, 2005

Hello, everyone. As I posted before, I'm working on a Chesapeake 16 using the offsets found in "The New Kayak Shop". I'll be glassing the outside of the hull this weekend, and then turn to working on the deck beams.

As I mentioned before, I'm not a very big guy, and I don't do much camping any more, so I modified the offsets to give the kayak a lower volume, by lowering the sheer height by 1/2 inch. This gives me a beam of 23 inches, matching the Chesapeake 16LT. I'd also like to modify the deck to make it a bit lower and flatter. Which leads to my question --- can anyone tell me what the front/rear deck radii are on the 16LT? I want to use that as a starting point, and modify them if/as necessary.



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