Paint Mixology

Posted by Charlie Tuna on Nov 2, 2005

Ok I am finishing up my 2nd CLC 17. This one is for the girlfriend who after paddling mine had to have one of her own.

Well I have her almost complete and getting ready to paint the hull. She, the girlfriend, has requested a custom "Fighting Lady Yellow" paint color. The term comes from the powerboating community. Anyway such a paint does not exist in the retail market as far as I can tell so I have bought 1 qt of Brightside White and 1 qt of Brightside Yellow.

My question has anyone actually mixed 2 colors for a custom color? I am assuming there should not be any issues in terms of the chemical effects. And as far as the color well its should be a simple exercise a pour a little yellow in the white bucket mix and sample.

Now trying to get the exact color down the road does get a bit more complicated if I don't keep track of the ratio.

Anyway any feedback at this point would be appreciated. I hate to make assumptions at this point and screw things up...




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