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Posted by LeeG on Oct 26, 2005

---The #1 tech call of those years---hundreds and hundreds of them---concerned the difficulty of cutting a compound bevel in the sheerclamps where they meet at the ends.--- I wasn't around then but my impression is that epoxy questions are #1 tech calls. "my epoxy is taking SO LONG to cure,,is everything ok?","it's been days and the epoxy is still soft,did I do something wrong?". The temp/mix variables presents the beginner with a greater variety of outcomes than "it fits",,"doesn't fit".

---If that tricky bevel wasn't just right, you really didn't get any of the strength advantages of running the sheerclamps to the ends----

What strength advantages? The differences between foreshortened sheerlamps with large endpours or full length sheerclamps with minimal endpours is moot because damage requireing repair will be in the exterior glassed 4mm ply. Whether you've got a pound of end pour or 2oz the damage requiring repair will be done to the plywood exterior as a consequence of how sharp the ends are allowed to remain when brought together. That's why the A.Hawk instructions specify rounding off and glassing the ends.

The cut doesn't have to be any more precise than the rolling bevel in the sheer clamp between aft bulkhead and deckbeam that is done by eye with any gap filled with goop. The deck covers any "imprecision" in the sheerclamp ends as it does between the aft bulkhead and deck beam. It's actually easier to cut the sheerclamps at the ends because you can use a regular sidecut saw to cut out the clamps while they are clamped with a spring clamp, loosening it as you cut.

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