Re: z-spar or cetol

Posted by Rich P on Oct 26, 2005

Hi Jarad, I used cetol over the clear finished glass and epoxy on the deck of my mill creek 13 and it still looks great five years later. Yeah theres a few dings and scratches but its tight with no peeling or uv damage. Two coats color and three coats of gloss. It takes a while for the gloss to fully cure and until it does it feels like new varnish. After its fully cured it feels like cured resin. I like the stuff.... some people think its too orange and because of that they now have a lighter color than the original. I have also used it on the teak handrails of my sailboat and I believe its way more UV resistant than any varnish I have ever used. It is a two step finish there's the color coat and the gloss coat. I dont use regular varnish anymore for outside brightwork. If you like I can send a close up photo of the deck via e-mail.

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