Re: Cutting out pieces

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 25, 2005

John said: "I'll be grinning like I invented teeth!"

Ha ha ha ha!! Thanks for the laugh!!! >wiping eyes<

Here's my method: I plot out an example of all my panels on roll paper, and poke through the lines with an awl (woodworker's ice pick) to mark my plywood. This allows me to do a couple of things: first, the patterns are infinitely reuseable in case I need a spare panel or want to build another boat; second, using these patterns enables me to minimize waste. I saved an entire sheet of okoume on each of my Mill Creek 13s this way, and still have the patterns too.

I cut out one of each panel, and plane it to near the line. Then I use these panels as templates to trace around for the balance of the panels. When all are cut, I stack mating panels for their final trim, to ensure perfect symetry.

Cheers, Kurt Maurer

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