Re: Cutting out pieces

Posted by Gober on Oct 25, 2005

Heck yes! Stack 'em and cut 'em. BUT PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!! Go at it knowing if you goof, all your eggs are in one basket. That how I did the two MC13's I just finished. I cut both boats at once, and then I faired the cuts out by sanding. I clamped all 4 sheers together, all four bilge panels together and sanded them all smooth. Making all the pieces as fair and as similar as possible. Use the clamps to keep the sheets together while you cut and fair.

Use this same technique when you scarf. I scarfed both boats at once. All sheers were scarfed then all bilge panels were.

I got pictures if you wanna see them.

In Response to: Cutting out pieces by John Short on Oct 25, 2005



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