Re: Endpour Issues...

Posted by Howard on Oct 24, 2005

IMO, the main objective of the end-pour is to give you something that will allow you to drill a hole in the bow and the stern for a grab handle/toggle without that hole exposing the the inside of the boat to water.

the reason a lot of folks recommend doing this horizontally, is that you can more precisly control the location of the end-pour...(so that it is no larger than needed)...and so that you can use very thickened epoxy...(to keep it lighter). when you do the vertical installation, you have to use unthickened epoxy...or it will not roll down the inside of the kayak particularly well.

i would not endorse closed cell foam in the mix becuase you can't really mix it in and get a uniform material that would pour would likely just end up with lumpy epoxy running down the side of the inside of your hull.

if you want to keep it light, work in the horizontal for the endpour, or skip the endpour altogether and epoxy in a small block of wood in the end so that your toggle holes do not open into the hull.

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