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Posted by gaza on Oct 23, 2005

I did my end pour on the horizontal using the dam (not damn) method and just dumped bits of scrap cloth/epoxy/fillet epoxy etc until it was filled up. While I was doing other work on the kayak I always had other little jobs sitting around ready for any epoxy or glue leftover and this was one of the jobs....I just dumped any leftovers into the dam. To save weight I finished off the filling with a can of pressurised foam. Whilst I had the can of foam I thought I'd try aonther idea on making a paddle. I ripped long lenghts (about 1.2m) of 3 ply into 10mm strips. I laid these flat edge to edge and taped together. I then rolled these into a hexagon ( or the equivalent to a six side figure...I forget my high school maths) I then glued the outside fillets with scmuck to form a nice handle. I then filled the hollow with expadable foam. At the ends I hollowed out some of the foam and inserted a piece of timber to act as a spline for the plywood blade. I took it for a paddle this morning and it worked Ok......I don't know the final weight but it's pretty light. I'll take a photo later and post it up P.S....also fibreglassed the whole handle and it worked out well to wrap the whole handle/glass/epoxy in plastic kitchen wrap to apply pressure and keep the the glass in contact with the ply.

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