Rolling Vs Brush Varnish

Posted by Brett on Oct 23, 2005

I purchased my Varnish for my CLC double yesterday. Went with Epiphanes clear gloss. These been some talk about wet sanding varnish, but I have questions about putting it on.

I was going to spray, but spoke to some boat building shops that nicely told me I will go through way more varnish and with care I can get just as good a finish with a roller. CLC suggests brushing in the manual or spraying if you have it. I had good success rolling on my epoxy coats - im very happy with the results of rolling this stuff.

Id like to hear from rollers, sprayers and brushers and which you have or have not had success with.

Thanks, I'll put a website up with pics as I near completion. Its been about 18 months since I started now, but I have vowed to hit the broken islands group (BC, Canada) in spring/summer so I have some incentive. Still have to build my rudder over winter. Brett



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