Re: Chesapeak 14 launch/d

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 23, 2005

Jim sez: "Kurt, I've enjoyed your website a lot, inspired me to attempt the MC."

Thanks for saying so. It seems putting that little web-log together was as good an idea as building the boats in the first place! I still receive a lot of email from the website, and get a kick out of revisiting it myself from time to time. It's just amazing where those MC13's have taken me.

Back when it was my main ride, I wouldn't have thought in a million years that I'd ever be one of those nut cases who rolled sea kayaks. And just look at me now. Keep an eye on that thing, Jim, it's whispering alluring little things in your ear all the time...

Cheers, Kurt

Pair O' Mill Creek 13s Project

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