Chesapeak 14 launch/dump!

Posted by Jim Robinson on Oct 22, 2005

Well, I have nearly finished my chesapeake 14, built for my daughter and wife. Went much faster than my first (Millcreek 13), about 2 months start to finish. Anyway I say nearly finished, it lacks thigh braces, hatches, and I haven't filleted the bulkheads yet (soon to be important).

So my daughter and I went out on a local pond, myself in the MC and her in the ch14. She did well and we both had a good time. Afterwards I couldn't resist trying to squeeze in and see what it was like. I weigh 145, 5'7, and was surpised to find I just fit barefooted. I immediately noticed how much faster it was than the Millcreek. I hadn't gotten 50 yards before deciding to see what happens when I lean. With the Millcreek I often lean quite hard to the left to go right, and vice versa. So I leaned to the left, no response, no problem I'll just lean some more. I then discovered I was not longer in a millcreek, over and dumped. I righted the boat but of course it was completely full of water, with no way to empty the hatch areas. It would have taken quite some to get it in by myself, my daughter paddled the MC out and gave me a tow. I think she was amused.

Water is cool here (Massachusetts), would have been more fun in the summer.




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