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Posted by CLC on Oct 22, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>This method while requiring really good weather and someplace to prop your boat seemed to cause less hassle than pouring before the deck is on. Can someone tell me why the new instructions changed?


Absolutely. It's because we got even more complaining about the boat-on-end method during the years we advocated that. First, it was simply out of the question for someone building in the Upper Midwest in mid-Winter, which describes an awful lot of our builders. Others didn't have a place to prop up the boat in any case. Still others had the boat fall over, damaging the boat, or their property, or both, and we're still waiting for a lawsuit related to a falling kayak. ("Your kits are negligent! You didn't warn us that the kayak could fall over, and now our kitten Fluffy is DEAD!") Thus the dams. Both approaches have persuasive advantages, and I've done equal numbers of end-o's and dams.

Ultimately, a majority of our builders are building indoors, in cold weather, so we officially advocate dams. The majority rules. Just tape up the dams carefully so they don't leak.

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