Re: Endpour Issues...

Posted by Dave on Oct 22, 2005

I would second this method - wrap plastic packing tape around the end to form the well, and then stand the boat on end and pour. Although I just used one pour of epoxy and microballons. With the single pour, it cures in only a few hours.

I did the horizontal method with the damns once, but had a lot of issues keeping the damns in place - gravity and epoxy were just stronger then the adhesive on the tape. It was a hassle.

The wrap-the-plastic-tape-around-the-end method was fast, neat, and controllable. Plus, you can adjust the amount as you pour in to just the right amount that looks good.. With the damn method, you are stuck with whereever you put the damn and what looks reasonable in an empty hull may turn out to be a lot more then you need when you start pouring.

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