Re: Heating Epoxy??

Posted by Dave on Oct 22, 2005


I have only built a few boats, but I can tell you that you should consider it a blessing if your epoxy drys slow and cool! my first boat I built from plans and used West System epoxy- bad way to learn! I poured and 8 oz cup of epoxy, began to use it and it kicked in my hand, beginning to smoke, actually! I would highly recommend the MAS epoxy- it dries slow and clear and I have had no real issues to worry about.

The next piece of advice I received too late- years after I built my Chesapeake 17. If you don't have a boat to paddle, get a cheap used kayak so you don't get itchy and cut cormers to get your project in the water. Years after I built my baby, I built one for a good friend. She wanted it bright finished so I took special care in finishing her. After seeing the two boats side by side, I sanded the deck of my Chesapeake completely down to wood and worked out the mistakes and sanding marks and re-epoxied and varnished her. Would have been a lot easier the first time around!

I wish you luck, and any time you spend laying hands on wood to make something beautiful is time well spent- you won't regret it!


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