kayak equipment

Posted by kurt freewald on Oct 22, 2005

One more question?

Since this is my first boat and im just getting into the sport, and now I have a boat; but no other gear. I need all the accessories, such as pfd, paddle, and skirt, and wet suit. I live near backcoutry lakes which are freezing. since I cant afford all highend equipment and unfamiliar with name brands in the paddling industry I would like to by at least one top end peice of equipment. and try to just get by with mediocre gear for the meant time. Can anyone tell me what would be the most important peice that I will be happy with and will not have to upgrade on as I improve in the sport. I thinking either the pfd or wet suit...being these are for safety. and just getting by with any old paddle. Oh ya my budget is about $500. Or is that not even close to enough money to get started??? thanks for any advice??? Kurt



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