Endpour Issues...

Posted by Tony Robb on Oct 21, 2005

After a long hiatus away from construction, I finally completed my endpours this morning. Am I glad I had been following the comments made on this bulletin board. I'm using International Epiglass HT9000 resin with the standard hardener. Instead of woodflour (which isn't available off the shelf in New Zealand) I'm using West Sytems 411 Microsphere Blend, which I have also used for all my filleting.

Because I had read of others issues with hot endpours expanding and spewing gunk everywhere, I had masked off the ends of the kayak and made tape and cardboard dams around the sheer, well in excess of what is recommended in the manual. After doing the pours I went and made a coffee, arriving back 30 minutes later just in time to see goop overflowing the dams. After a quick panic, bags of frozen vegetables (our freezer is in the garage) taped to bow and stern, slowed down the reaction nicely. After peeling away my masking this afternoon and a quick plane with a surform, the endpours look great & I don't have lots of rockhard goop to sand off carefully fibreglassed & epoxied panels.

So my thanks to all that posted to highlight this potential problem. The generosity of all the builders that supply help to complete strangers on this board is fantastic.



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