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Posted by Howard on Oct 21, 2005

i cannot say i have first hand experience in building the shearwater...but have built the other boats discussed. my sense is that none of your proposed projects are significantly more difficult than the other. if you have already built a chesapeake, these are all good candidates for a second project.

that being said, they all have more steps and more opportunities to goof something up compared to the boat you have already built.

in my mind, however, the challenge with these boats are less about natural craftsmanship (e.g. carving reliefs into the bow of a badairka) then about attention to details (checking alignments, cutting pieces precisely, carefully measuring and positioning parts) and application of standard techniques (working with glass and epoxy) that you should have already learned in your chesapeake experience.

so i would summarize by saying that these boats are just bigger puzzles to work with but not essentially different than what you have already accomplished.

in terms of raw hours I bet the arctic hawk would take the most time...the shearwater would be the middle boat...and the wr18 would be the least hours.

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