Heating Epoxy??

Posted by John Short on Oct 21, 2005

Probably a stupid question, but my inexperience is my reason. How much quicker does epoxy set when you apply heat? Can steps be doubled up on or is it still best to let sit 12-24 hours? I haven't quite got garage cleared out enough or the honey do list isn't shortend enough, but all my stuff is here and I want to start drawing out parts, cutting and epoxying together for me to start a stitching. I sure can't wait to see these little Kates take shape! I just don't want to rush things by giving me a "false" sense of epoxy setting if I use lights to speed things up? Hopefully I'll get to make decent enough pictures to post a web site like Kurts, man what an inspiration to see his progress and beautiful workmanship! ThanksKurt and all for those pics and stories, us beginners lean pretty heavily on what you've learned, hopefully I'll listen!! Happy building and paddling to all!



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