Re: Add bulkheads later

Posted by Jim S on Oct 20, 2005


Many have built their yaks without bulkheads, modified bulkheads, moved bulkheads, whatever one can do to a bulkhead, its been tried.

My thought is that if the bulkhead is to be used to provide shape and strength, you need it in place when you tie your yak together with fillets. It would be easier to fillet the bulkheads as you are doing the rest of the chine and bottom. At least, you wouldn't have to cut the corners to fit over the cured chine and bottom fillets you did earlier.

Doing the bulkheads last may be the cause of a major headache if you didn't maintain the proper positioning of the side and bottom panels in reference to one another.

Thats my $0.02, keep the change!

Jim S

In Response to: Add bulkheads later by Chris on Oct 20, 2005



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