on cockpit size

Posted by Howard on Oct 19, 2005

on cockpit size the major considerations are the length of the cockpit, height at the feet, height at the knees and coaming length and width.

what i found on the arctic hawk is that the height at the knees is relatively low compared to the chesapeake. this makes your leg position relatively unbent compared to what is possible in a chesapeake. for some people, that less bent leg position can be unconfortable for extended periods.

the other difference i notice in my hawk is that the coaming length (and i have the key hole coaming option which is 24" long), relative to the chesapeake (31") forces me to enter the boat legs first and then slide my butt in...and needing to reverse that process to get out. where on my chesapeake, the coaming is long enough, i can sit and then put my legs in or when getting out, i can get a knee out of the cockpit first.

i get into/out of my boat on a tall dock where i cannot lay a paddle accross the rear of the cockpit/dock to steady the boat...so the chesapeake is substantially easier to get in and out of. i am 5'10" and 195 lbs.

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