Re: fiberglass thoughts

Posted by Dave on Oct 15, 2005

As pointed out - I think the wood and the fiberglass/epoxy do act together as a giant composite material. The basic fiberglass and epoxy such as you fnd in a CLC kit isn't all that sturdy by itself.

I'd like to have thinner plywood and thinner fiberglass as even the 3mm and 4 oz combo is pretty darn sturdy and I bet you could get by with less if you treated her right.

If there was such as thing as 2mm plywood and 2.6 oz fiberglass - that would shave 1/3 of the weight before rigging. It would be a challenge to work with, and leave you with a really delicate boat, but darn that thing would be light!

In Response to: fiberglass thoughts by Lenny Flank on Oct 12, 2005



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