Re: Do I need a kayak?

Posted by Lenny Flank on Oct 11, 2005

Oh, oh, I can make a useful contribution here. :>

I've done some backpacking and kayaking in very swampy areas of Florida, where there usually isn't any dry ground anywhere to be found for laying out a tent/sleeping bag. The solution that I adopted was to ditch the tent and get myself an army-surplus jungle hammock, the kind with the built-in roof and bug netting. With it, I don't need any dry land at all to sleep --- I can just paddle up to two convenient trees, tie the kayak to one of them, tie the hammock to both of them, climb in, and spend the night (just keep your eyes on the tide if you need to ---- you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night with water lapping at your butt).

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