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Posted by clark tuttle on Oct 11, 2005

I,like Mac, have built a Roy Folland kayak. Roy was not an advocate of the use of fillets. His method was to apply the tape directly to the wood. According to Roy this method was recommended by experts in the fiberglas industry. The result is a lighter boat. I have both the Sea Wolf (single) and the Thunderbird (tandem). I have encounters no structural problems to date.

That said it is a pain, for me, to avoid pockets of air at the stitches when appling the tape. As a result the taped joint is not pretty. As I told Roy the fillets may not be required but they sure are pretty.

My last project was a MC 13. I tabbed the joints with "small" fillets, pulled the stitches, installed normal size fillets and taped. Sure is pretty. Are these joints stronger than just taped joints. I think so but how much stronger. Just remember stronger is heavier and ask yourself what conditions or use is this boat intended for.

My choice, fillets. It is important to me that things look good. Appearance is an indication of workmanship.

For what its worth, Clark

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