Re: fillets

Posted by Mac on Oct 11, 2005


Now, I've built two hard chined kayaks with no fillets and 2" Fiberglass tape on 4 mil Okoume. I used 6 oz glass cloth on the hull and inside the cockpits. I used 15 sec CYA glue for tabbing, and pulled my stitches prior to taping.

I weigh 230 + lbs and stomp around in these cockpits all the time with nary a crick or a crack.

As I mentioned, these are hard-chined designs. I would assume that with a multi-chined hull like the WR's, the angle between each panel would be even flatter and the FG tape would be even less stressed.

You may have guessed by now, that I hate filleting, and you'd be correct (mostly 'cause I suck at it) there are others who make an art of it and more power to them.

My point? If you do a good job of laying your tapes, your kayak will be STRONG!

2 cents Cdn - a bargain.


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