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Posted by Mark Camp on Oct 11, 2005

Some will complain that this is all idle front porch theory. To which some of us will reply, "COOL!" So, here is my theory on #1.

No way this is a factor. All of the plywood in the joint is bonded to epoxy, irrespective of how big or small the fillet is.

Actually, the ultimate strength of the artificial ingredients of the fillet (glass, epoxy) may not have any relevance.

If there IS ever a failure near the joint, that sound you hear will be plywood splintering, right where the fillet ends, I reckon.

First of all, as CLC said above, epoxy's STRONG. Plywood is weak. Second, the material and structural stiffness of the double-taped fillet and the chine itself, compared to the surrounding single-taped plywood, will cause a stress riser at the end of the fillet and LOW stress AT the fillet proper. Thirdly, one of the guys tried it, actually broke some stuff, and that's what happened.

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