Re: fillets

Posted by Mislav on Oct 11, 2005

I've read somewhere that the panels are held together primarily by glass tape, while the primary purpose of the fillet is to provide the support such that the glass fibers are bent with adequate radius over them. One might conclude that with smaller fillet you get:

1. the greater the bonding area of glass to ply joint, therefore greater strength

2. smaller bending radius, therefore less strength of glass fibers

So it looks like it's a compromise between the two. Having this in mind I was very careful while applying tabs not to spill much epoxy around the seams so that I have fresh wood beneath the tape while filletting and glassing, all in order to provide for maximum possible strength of glass to wood joint.

Other than that I can say that excellent Laszlo's and Dave Houser's advices about tabbing were a great help.

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