Re: fillets

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 10, 2005

First, the importance of bonding to green epoxy has probably been overstated. Even a bond to fully cured epoxy is still stronger than the wood.

Second, the tabs can be truly tiny and still hold the boat together enough to pick it up after 24 hours (assuming reasonably warm temperatures). At that point the epoxy is not yet fully cured and will form the green bond. A complete fillet, still thin, can then be applied on top of the tabs (once the wires are out, of course) and the glass tape can then be applied wet on wet.

I've built my boats with:

1. wide fillets that buried the stitches (used up all my woodflour and a lot of epoxy)

2. no stitches, tape held the hull together till the fillets cured (very narrow fillets, but the tape was troublesome)

3. stitches and tabs and pulled wires (narrow fillets, good compromise on the amount of trouble)

As far as the 2 inch scraper hitting the wires, I had that problem on a non-CLC boat, which is why I took to stitchless filleting. I used method 3 with the tiny tabs on the 16LT that I finished this Spring.


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