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Posted by paul on Oct 10, 2005

Lets talk a bit about the desire for small fillets and the stitch wires.

When I built my first S&G, a CLC 16LT, this past spring I had read about the option of putting down small fillet tabs between wires to allow for their removal then going back to finish the fillet gaps after the wires are pulled. (How this actually works is still a mistery to me since the fiberglass tape is to be set in green fillets, but the wires can't be pulled until the tabs are cured. So the tape is only set into the very short infill fillets between the original tabs. Evidently this is sufficient?) A technique that Lenny might like to consider to minimize fillet size/weight.

Anyway, I was content with the appearance of the wires left in and was not looking to add to the build time with additional steps on my first boat, but was then faced with the fact that the curve of the wire on the inside of the hull was dictating the minimum thickness of fillet to fill the joint and bury the wire. I therfore ended up with fairly wide fillets. Not a problem and they don't bother me, but for the first time builder hoping for a narrow fillet, you'll eventually bump into the wire issue.

Any insights for our new friend, and for my next CLC 17lt coming this winter?

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