nope- been using them

Posted by Charlie Jones on Sep 29, 2005

since 1976 and I've had very few problems with the pumps. From WEST or from MAS. Currently using some MAS pumps on RAKA epoxy. 2-1 ratio, works fine.

Before this I built a 22 footer- ran 17 gallons of WEST thru one set of pumps- flawlessly. (except for one time when I miscounted pumps -ooops). Also had a pick up tube come off in a five gallon jug- was fun fishing that back out. *grin*

I REALLY cannot understand the problems people have with pumps. I check them once in a while and when they start looking a bit out of whack I buy a new set. Hell- they only cost 10 bucks.

Now understand that I work with epoxy all the time and use the pumps almost daily so that may have something to do with it. They don't get a chance to sit and gunk up.

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