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Posted by terry on Sep 26, 2005

Interesting comment about preglued sheer clamps, Lee. My last three boats were two 1/2 scale models and a modified 14. In the models, I need a wide enough nailing surface on the sheer clamps that I decided to oversize them (i.e., 3/4" square, instead of about 3/8" square). To do this with 3/4" stock over the 7' panel length would have meant a very stiff clamp that would make the panels hard to bend and twist. What I did instead was build up the clamps using 3 strips of 3/4" by 1/4" pine on each side. These thin strips were easy to bend with the added benefit that I could glue them in stepped to approximate the curve of the clamp after planing to the desired deck radius.

This got me to thinking: Why not build all sheer clamps like this? It's a bit more expensive, and takes a bit more time, but it's really easy to do after the hull is wired up, and reduces clamp planing somewhat. I't also easy to build the clamps right up to the bow and stern this way. Lastly, the thinner strips don't put as much strain on the hull stitches as you glue them on.


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