Re: Coaming spacers

Posted by LeeG on Sep 26, 2005

Doing the coaming seperately to finish off the unseen spacers then reapplying it IMHO is unnecessarily complicating. You really don't see under the coaming and if the spacers are sanded ON THE OUTSIDE before assembling it's more than good looking enough. The interior gets machined off anywhay. I suggest doing the coaming in two parts for a couple reasons.

It reduces the three handed effort of positioning goopy spacers AND applying clamps under pressure WITHOUT scarring the coaming.

It's a LOT easier to do most of the deck sanding of fill coats and finishing of the coaming stack WITHOUT the overhanging coaming on.

By reducing the number of thick pieces of ply needing bending from three (2x9mm,1x6mm) to one six mm coaming you reduce the pressure needed with the c-clamps to do the job. Which amongst other things reduces messes because you can clean as you go, and have less wasted epoxy squisshing out everywhere.

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