Re: Planing scarf joints

Posted by terry on Sep 26, 2005

I seen a scarfing jig advertised in Wooden Boat Mag. that works with a power planer. I've a also seen a few homemade ones over the years. I could never justify the cost/effort for a tool I would use a few times a year. If I were building a larger boat with more and longer scarfs, I'd use a power planer with jig for sure.

I'm generally too lazy to bother with my block planes, except when I really need them, so I make my scarfs with an old belt sander. Takes a bit of practice on scrap wood but is easy to do and progress can be checked with a bevel square. I rough them out with a medium grit sanding belt, then dress them up to a near-feather edge with the ROS sander. Makes a pretty good scarf in in minimal amount of time.


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