Thanks all...

Posted by Mulepilot on Sep 25, 2005

...I think I'm just about ready. I plan on doing it in the evening as the temp is dropping. Before I do this, I'm going to totally clean out the garage, lay a dropcloth down on the floor and over the saw horses, so everything should be really clean and organized. I've been mixing the epoxy up in styrofoam cups up till now, but I think I'll move to a larger container and mix it with a drill.

When I get to the stern, and make a slit in the cloth, should I try to overlap the cloth by about a half inch or so along the stern, sort of fold it over on the other side?

Also, I'd like to put the second coat of epoxy on ASAP, so how will I know when it is safe to do so? Is it as soon as the first coat gets "tacky"?


In Response to: Re: Hull glasing pointers by Howard on Sep 25, 2005



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