Posted by RogerJ on Sep 25, 2005

Robert, I have tried applying thin coats of epoxy with an old T-shirt. Not the whole thing, cut it up into a half dozen pieces or so (I'm an Xtra Lg). Make a small batch, one pump size, and rub it on like liquid car polish, when you have done a couple of these (while the epoxy is wet) squee gee it smooth as you can. Try not to get any of the little fuzzzies from the Tshirt on the hull. It will be a thin coat! If you add a little Cabosil or simular product you get very little sag, but a harder to sand cure. Scrape the sags before they are fully cured. Hint, use the smoothest squee gees you can get for these last thin coats of epoxy. RogerJ

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