Re: Hull glasing pointers

Posted by Jim S on Sep 24, 2005


Just about everyone worries about their first glassing job. Its only natural after all the work done to this point. Mix your epoxy really well then pour a "pancake" size amount on to the glass. Spread that with the squeegee and just make sure you allow the epoxy to penetrate through the glass. You'll be able to tell once you see it first hand. Just keep moving the excess in the planned direction and add epoxy as needed to saturate the glass. Keep in mind that you can FLOAT the glass if you use too much epoxy, thats why it important to squeegee the epoxy as far as it will spread without starving the cloth and leaving white weave showing. You will find that the good sanding job you did will pay off in a good finish you'll be proud of.

Good luck! Jim S

In Response to: Hull glasing pointers & ? by Mulepilot on Sep 24, 2005



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