Re: getting ready to plan

Posted by Karl on Sep 23, 2005

Cut a couple of wedges from scrap wood to roughly the shape of the V in the hull bottom. Clamp, screw, nail, duct tape or whatever to the saw horses to keep the wedges stable and cover the tops with that wonderful black foam rubber pipe insulation that works so well on other projects. Make sure you get the grippy foam rubber stuff, not the more slippery polyethelene foam. It should supply plenty of grip to kee the boat from moving.

It worked for me!

p.s. Keep your plane blade good and sharp, and it will require less force to do it's job, thereby reducing the overall motion of the work surface. You probably knew that already, I'm just tossing out friendly advice.

In Response to: getting ready to plane by Eric on Sep 23, 2005



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