Re: Coaming spacers

Posted by CLC on Sep 23, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>I am left with wood flour to thicken the epoxy for the coaming work. Will the coaming fly apart if I don't order and use more Cab-o-sil?


The woodflour will be fine. Just make it a thinner mix, not the peanut butter fillet mix.

>>>>>>>>>> 2) Any opinons on using 4 oz bias cut cloth to reinforce the butt joints of the spacer halves to keep them from letting go when I clamp them to the deck - especially in front? One post reported having great success with strands of Kevlar but I am fresh out.


Gosh, that seems very complex. I've seen various coaming failure modes but the spacers lifting up where they are butted together is extraordinarily rare. Careful gluing will see to it.

Here, we always glue the whole coaming stack in one giant gooey step but I remind folks that putting on one layer of the three-layer lamination at a time will always make a neater job of it.

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