Coaming spacers

Posted by Mike D on Sep 23, 2005

And so the WR18 slowly continues, maybe a Thanksgiving launch. Next step is the coaming. I am planning on using the Syran Wrap method to be able to take it back off sand everything smooth before fastioning it to the deck.

Looking back at some posts on the subject it seems to be a good idea to butt glue the spacer halves together before gluing and stacking them on the deck. A couple of questions:

1) Since I used up almost all the Cab-o-sil trying to thicken the epoxy enough so it wouldn't run out of the deck/shear clamp joint (as slow as I work it ran some anyway)I am left with wood flour to thicken the epoxy for the coaming work. Will the coaming fly apart if I don't order and use more Cab-o-sil?

2) Any opinons on using 4 oz bias cut cloth to reinforce the butt joints of the spacer halves to keep them from letting go when I clamp them to the deck - especially in front? One post reported having great success with strands of Kevlar but I am fresh out.

Happy building, MD



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