Re: Bulkhead joint split.

Posted by Brad Shook on Sep 22, 2005

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply below to my hybrid question. On the subject of bulkhead fit, how much gap would you say existed between your bulkhead edge and the side panel? The reason I'm asking is because the bulkheads on 3 CH17LT's that I'm in the process of building (the deck is not yet on) have probably between 1/8" to maybe as much as 1/4" gaps and they are filled in with fillets but I'd like to know if I should put some 2" tape over them to keep that from happening to these. Any wisdom from you or anyone else is much appreciated. I'm learning alot by just reading the ponderings of many here. :>) Brad

In Response to: Bulkhead joint split... by FrankP on Sep 22, 2005



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