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Posted by terry on Sep 22, 2005

As all of my recent boats differ markedly from any plans and from each other, I custom cut the bulkheads for each boat.

I use a piece of stiff cardboard for make the pattern. I first mark the bulkhead locations on both sheer clamps and level the hull fore-aft and side-to-side. I next lay a straight edge across these two marks and measure the distances from the inside top edge of each sheer clamp and then draw a straight line on the pattern this same distance. I next measure from the inside of the hull panel just below the clamp to the same spot on the opposite side, and transfer this line the correct distance below the first line on the pattern. I then use a bevel square to measure the clamp bevel and transfer that line to the pattern at the ends and between the two lines, but I extent this line above the top line on the pattern about 3 inches. Next I use a square and small level to measure perpendiculars from the straight edge to the bottom of the hull and transfer these measurments to the pattern. I connect the dots and cut out the pattern, leaving the extra 3 inches of cardbord on the pattern. Then I fit the pattern to the hull. If all looks pretty snug, I then lay the sheer clamp plane guide across the clamps and trace the curve on the pattern, cut out the pattern, trace it on plywood and voila! One well-fitting bulkhead that goes in with a minimum of filleting/filling.

Note also that, if you fit the bulkheads with the boat clamped clamped on boards like you do when you're checking for hull twist, glue them in while the boat is still suspended. If you don't do this and glue them in when the hull is on slings or on a bench, the bulkheads may fit differently.

Bulkhead? My ex-mother-in-law used to call me that.


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