Bulkhead joint split...

Posted by FrankP on Sep 22, 2005

So I've had my NorthBay out a few times now, and I'm very happy with her, but I noticed this morning that my aft bulkhead has separated from the hull along the entire side joint. I was planning to rebuild the bulkhead anyway, but I'm wondering why it might have split. My guess is the bulkhead just wasn't quite as good a fit as I originally thought. I had to make a new one after screwing up the one that came with my kit. So I'm still paddling in the meantime, it's not that much water and structurally the boat is still sound. So I'm thinking of possibly just scraping the joint and making another one then reinforcing it with some glass tape. Any reason to think that won't work and I should cut another bulkhead?

That said, I almost took my first swim today, but the NB has a fantastic secondary stability. I basically had my deck in the water at the cockpit, completely leaned over on the chine and recovered without any real difficulties. Now I remember why I bought this kit in the first place.




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