Re: Winter Weather Coming

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 20, 2005

Hey, Alvin

Find a large freezer, one that is big enough so that you can climb in or a meat locker at teh butcher's shop. Now climb in and wait till you start to shake uncontrollably. That is how winter feels. If you do it often enough, like every day for a couple of weeks, your body will adapt to the cold and it won't feel quite as cold as it used to. Now imagine the mangroves frozen solid like an ice cube and remember how the freezer felt -- that is how it gets every winter, from October to March, here in Edmonton, Canada. All you have to do is add snow (imagine rice grains all over the place, so much that there is rice one foot deep covering everything, then imagine that the rice is ice crystals or finely broken ice cubes). Welcome to Canada and the Midwestern to Northern USA, amongst other places in the world.

Robert N Pruden

My backyard after first snow of year

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