Re: Winter Weather Coming

Posted by KirkE on Sep 20, 2005

It has been a long time since the Chesapeake froze over, but the thought of turning the MC16 with some skates into a - what is it called?

I have seen them while skiing on the lakes of Madison. They are fast. It seems more fun than the snowmobiles.

My plans this winter will be to take the AutoTrain to Orlando, FL. Already asked, and got a no, if I could take a kayak or two on top. Maybe get that Klepper skin fixed, for it would be nice to paddle when we get there. I am trying to talk the wife and kids into kayaking the everglades, camping with the alligators, and snorkling with the sharks. :)

In Response to: Winter Weather Coming! by Kurt Maurer on Sep 19, 2005



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