Re: Hawk GT?

Posted by CLC on Sep 20, 2005

We haven't wavered in our determination to bring the Hawk GT, and later the Sparrow Hawk, to market. Anyone who's paddled one of the Arctic Hawk knows that they are special boats and we're devoted to Mark and his designs.

Anyone who's built one also understands the sophistication of the kits and instruction manuals---and those take a very long time to develop. (If we don't get it just right, we can look forward to reading about it here.) The Shearwaters were an enormous project, of course, and actually predated the Hawk GT and Sparrow Hawk. With those in train, next comes the Hawk GT and of course the much-anticipated Sit-On-Top. About time we ran a contest to name the SOT as I haven't had any flashes of inspiration.

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